HPS Pumps - Market Leader in Boosters & Water Technologies

HPS Pumps and Water Technologies offers highly efficient solutions that are custom designed for the needs of the customers. We take extra care to fully understand the needs of our customers before offering a full package solution and best of service quality. HPS Pumps' area of expertise includes Domestic pressure booster systems, sump pumps and sewage ejector systems.


Custom large and mid-range booster solution and standard booster package.

We offer large, mid-range water technology solutions. Often standard booster package is sufficient for the needs of the customers. However, where standard booster package is not sufficient, HPS Pumps offers custom built package offering from three (3) Gallons-Per-Minute (GPM) to five (5) thousand Gallons-Per-Minute (GPM).


Efficient Troubleshoot and Repair Booster Systems

We troubleshoot and repair the name brand and listed pumps, Booster Systems, Irrigation Systems (Golf course),
Boiler Feed, Condensate return pumps and more. With unmatched service, HPS Pumps leverages water technologies to provide competitive advantage to your business.

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Low Noise and Energy Efficient Water Systems.

HPS Pumps takes extra care to reduce noise pollution and to ensure that booster systems are energy efficient. We offer energy efficient booster systems to assist our customers achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and at the sametime reduce the total cost of ownership.

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10+ Years

Brief History.

HPS Pumps was founded in 2002 with the passion to create innovative water pump solutions. Around 10 years later, we have successfully implemented over 1000 pump solutions for our customers. HPS Pumps is well recognized and respected name in the Mid-West and South-East United States.




Powering innovative Water Technology Solutions.

Mickey Singh has over 20 years of experience in Pumps, Boosters and Water Technologies. He is the President of HPS Pumps. With his motto to provide sincere and best service to the customer, Mickey has lead the company to a path of consistent growth over the past 10 years.

HPS Pumps staff has over 75 years of cumulative experience in Pumps and Water Technology Solutions.

Richard Karz, is a Senior staff who earlier worked at Chicago pumps where he was responsible for the first constant run Booster system installed in Marina city.



Diverse Solution

HPS Pumps offers different verity of products including:

* Domestic pressure booster systems, Sump pumps, Sewage ejector systems, Irrigation Systems, Boiler Feed and Condensate return pumps.

* Every system is pre-engineered into a ready made system.
* Our customers receive high quality, high reliability systems delivered at a very competitive price.
* Standard Booster Systems increase net pressure in residential high-rise commercial buildings and industrial facilities.
* Our products run smoothly and efficiently while maintaining constant delivery pressure ranging from three gallons-per-minute (GPM) to over five thousand GPM.
* HPS Water Technology solutions come with high efficiency pumps and motors, simple to use pressure sustaining valves, isolation valves, silent check valves, pressure switches, timers and controls.
* We specify your system by using selected pumps for pressure (PSI) and flow (GPM) and by determining pressure regulation through a variable frequency drive (VFD) or reducing valve.
* After which confirm piping, valves, fittings, and mounting hardware. At that point we wire the control panel and thoroughly test the unit.


Customer Win

Reliable Cost Effective Service.

* HPS Pumps troubleshoot and repair the listed pumps, Booster Systems, Irrigation Systems (Golf course), Boiler Feed, Condensate return pumps and more.
* We rewind motors, replace bearings, mechanical seals, packing, and other components.
* We offer fast, reliable and cost effective service ranging from regular maintenance to emergency repairs for our customers.
* Pressure Reducing Valves (Clayton Valve) Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)
* Pipe Headers, Valves, Fittings, Flanges, Isolation Valves, Control Panels, Gauges, Disconnect Switches, and Flow Sensors.

*With over 40 years of servicing experience, we specialize in the repair of name brand pumps from: Flowserve, Milton Roy and LMI, Carver, Grundfos, Myers, Goulds Pumps, Peerless Pump, Tramco Pump Company, Warner Engineering, Bell & Gossett, MTH Pumps and Aurora Pumps.

HPS Pumps Systems Drawings

Here are the visual engineering drawings of some of the Water Technology Solutions recently implemented by HPS Pumps: